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How To Choose Your Senior Photographer

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"Wow"!  Isn't that what you would like to say and have others say when your senior photos are seen for the first time?  Well it takes some planning and preparation to make this happen. Here are a few guidelines that can help you achieve this.

Shop Around: -Look for someone whose style of photography seems to fit your style. Take some time to look at photographers portfolio and determine if there is a theme to the way they take photos. Some may be edgy, clean, photojournalist, formal etc. I am a natural light photographer who loves to shoot in the outdoors and I like to capture images that showcase the personality and interests (sports, fashion, etc.) of my senior to create lasting memories for them. 

Connect With Your Photography:- It is really important that you feel comfortable and just relaxed with your photographer. Determine if they are willing to be flexible or if they are just interested in a one size fits all approach.  

Think and look for quality of service:- While it is of course very important that you like your photos, you should want to refer your photographer to your friends for the total experience.  it is important that your photographer cares about the service provided. Does he or she service you well from the first point of contact. Do they help you understand how you both can work together for example on the use of props or where a change of clothing is desired to assure the best outcome? Are the deliverables adequately defined ahead? I will work hard to earn your trust.

Think Ahead About Your Outfits and Props:- It is important that you spend time thinking about these kind of things that best reflect your personality, style , interests and how you would like to be remembered. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer, get a close friend or parent involved to help you in your selections and try your outfits on ahead. Remember to think about your outfits in terms of how they might best coordinate and withstand the test of time.

Think About How You Want Your Photos Displayed and Made Available- Ask your photographer how they will provide you your photos. Some provide digital photos, others a combination of digital and print through their print services. Having a website access can be helpful if you have family and friends who may like to purchase prints where you can send the link for viewing and prints can be ordered by them and shipped directly to their home. Professional printing is very high quality and your prints will last longer and you will see the difference however they may not be for everyone so determine what bests meets your needs and what the photographers you are looking at offer.

Be Willing to Compromise and Have Fun:- This is an investment. These are photos that you will have to look back on for many years to come. Remember that perhaps parents may be involved either in paying for your photos or in supporting your planning and preparation efforts. Be sensitive to their needs and welcome their involvement. It is best for all if you work towards a fun time together. Don't hesitate to suggest any different poses that you have seen but it is best to talk with your photographer ahead of time so you can make the most efficient use of your time doing your session.  Just be yourself on the day of our session. 

If this has been helpful, please feel free to share it and contact me if you are interested in a session so we can begin the discussion of how I can meet your needs. I can be reached through my website at http://kaitlynwoodphotography.com, message me on Facebook or call me at (315) 420-1065.

Here are a variety of selections from a few of my seniors sessions, please feel free to check out additional work on my website or facebook page!

Morgan-1.jpgMorgan-1.jpg Morgan-3.jpgMorgan-3.jpg Morgan-18.jpgMorgan-18.jpg Morgan-21.jpgMorgan-21.jpg Morgan-44.jpgMorgan-44.jpg Morgan-114.jpgMorgan-114.jpg Morgan-75.jpgMorgan-75.jpg


Morgan-117.jpgMorgan-117.jpg Morgan-150.jpgMorgan-150.jpg Morgan-180.jpgMorgan-180.jpg

Morgan-282.jpgMorgan-282.jpg Morgan-200.jpgMorgan-200.jpg Morgan-277.jpgMorgan-277.jpg




Morgan-251.jpgMorgan-251.jpg Morgan-432.jpgMorgan-432.jpg Morgan-458.jpgMorgan-458.jpg Morgan-528.jpgMorgan-528.jpg Morgan-577.jpgMorgan-577.jpg Morgan-585.jpgMorgan-585.jpg Morgan-598.jpgMorgan-598.jpg

Morgan-564.jpgMorgan-564.jpg Morgan-616.jpgMorgan-616.jpg Morgan-613.jpgMorgan-613.jpg

Morgan-630.jpgMorgan-630.jpg Morgan-696.jpgMorgan-696.jpg Morgan-717.jpgMorgan-717.jpg Morgan-741.jpgMorgan-741.jpg

Leah King-18.jpgLeah King-18.jpg Leah King-33.jpgLeah King-33.jpg Leah King-11.jpgLeah King-11.jpg Leah King-48.jpgLeah King-48.jpg Leah King-77.jpgLeah King-77.jpg Leah King-106.jpgLeah King-106.jpg Leah King-85.jpgLeah King-85.jpg Leah King-117.jpgLeah King-117.jpg Leah King-150.jpgLeah King-150.jpg Leah King-166.jpgLeah King-166.jpg Leah King-186.jpgLeah King-186.jpg Leah King-203.jpgLeah King-203.jpg Leah King-227.jpgLeah King-227.jpg Leah King-288.jpgLeah King-288.jpg Leah King-223.jpgLeah King-223.jpg

Leah King-280.jpgLeah King-280.jpg

Leah King-382.jpgLeah King-382.jpg Leah King-369.jpgLeah King-369.jpg Leah King-420.jpgLeah King-420.jpg Leah King-517.jpgLeah King-517.jpg Leah King-569.jpgLeah King-569.jpg Leah King-660.jpgLeah King-660.jpg Leah King-741.jpgLeah King-741.jpg Leah King-722.jpgLeah King-722.jpg Leah King-758.jpgLeah King-758.jpg Leah King-804.jpgLeah King-804.jpg Leah King-828.jpgLeah King-828.jpg Leah King-813.jpgLeah King-813.jpg Leah King-853.jpgLeah King-853.jpg Leah King-892.jpgLeah King-892.jpg Leah King-882.jpgLeah King-882.jpg Leah King-921.jpgLeah King-921.jpg Leah King-924.jpgLeah King-924.jpg

Faith Spencer 2017-111.jpgFaith Spencer 2017-111.jpg







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